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Nov 23, 2009 9:00am EST
on thursday but for some tables and chairs are empty. to make sure this all changes we're going to watch lisa joyner and tim green's new show. it's a new show called "find my family and tim." this show tonight i have a feeling will be a tear jerker gut wrencher, am i right? >> you're like a psyche, jamie. >> most people will cry. if you have any propensity to cry, you'll cry. the great thing about it is it's tears of joy. that's the thing that we love so much about the show, how often do you get to see something so emotional, so wonderful that it actually brings tears of joy to you? >> both of you are adopted? so this is near and dear and when they approached you to do this you both jumped at it? >> i told them i would lay my body in front of a truck if i did not get this job. yes, it's a passion project. don't you think? i mean, this is something we would have done almost for free. >> we both know how much it means when you're conducting a search like this to be able to find your biological parents. and other family members. we know what it feels like. we know how emotional it is. we know a
Nov 16, 2009 9:00am EST
'm ready. >> lisa writes in and says her company is asking employees to work extra hour dose help the company get through the crisis, and she questions can my employer require me to work which n excess of 40 hours per week? can my employer require me to work on holidays, such as thanksgiving coming up, without paying me a higher rate than my normal play? what's the difference between being a team player, willing to work in tough times, or being taken advantage of. >> go ahead, nicole, fire away. >> well, my question is as long as you are not part of a collective bargaining agreement and don't have a bargains excitement, so if you have an at-will employment relationship, typically if you work for than 40 hours a week, you are to be paid time and a half, if you are a nonexcept employee. a lot of companies have overlaid off during the economic downturn, so this issue is coming up over and over again. there are certain kinds of professionals, you, for example, lawyers, accountants, people like engineers who can be forced to work those extra hours, and their compensation, their salary,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2